27 Jul 2013

Brett and Michelle's Surprise Engagement

Brett, my brother-in-law surprised his long-time girlfriend Michelle with a romantic-beyond-words marriage proposal on the 27th of July.

Many white lies were told leading up to the day, all in the name of secrecy and surprise, and what a spectacular surprise it was. Nick and Brett had arranged for Brett and Michelle to take a helicopter flight along the beach, and in airspace which they had to get special permission from King Shaka airport in order to fly through. Nick and the gang dug out "Mich Marry Me?" in the sand at La Mercy beach, complete with ground fireworks (which were the equivalent to large sparklers... no noise, lots of sparkle).

As they flew past Brett said, hey, look there; we all waved and cheered, and as Michelle frantically pulled out her phone to take photos of us on the beach, Brett pulled out an exquisite ruby engagement ring, which has been in their family for generations; completing the moment with a "Will you marry me?" Below are a few impromptu photographs of the small celebration that followed.

Click the link below to view more photographs.

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